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Today’s save vs splurge fashion blog post is yet again about my favourite Valentino Rockstud range! This time, I’ll be presenting you with alternatives to the Valentino flat sandals!

Although I would normally choose the high-heel stiletto Rockstud style, I find the gladiator version to be just as stylish and chic. You still get the high-quality characteristic of all Valentino shoes but in a flat version!

The leather straps covered with the iconic pale golden studs will bring elegance to any outfit. Moreover, your feet will be very thankful for giving them a break from the pain of wearing high heels.

At the moment, there are two versions of the Rockstud gladiator sandals – caged and t-strap. Personally, I would go for the caged style but the choice is absolutely yours!

Surprisingly, even though these are fairly straightforward flats, they are still designer shoes. With that in mind, they also come with a designer price tag! A pair of the studded sandals costs $1,000!

The Best Affordable Valentino Sandals Look-Alikes

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I’m sure that most of you would prefer to spend their money on something else, so you came to check out this post! Well, I’m glad to let you know that I’ve managed to find plenty of designer alternatives.

Ahead, the best affordable Valentino flat sandals dupes!

The Best Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes


Gold Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes

Gold Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes HERE (US) & HERE (UK)

Pink Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes

Pink Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes HERE (US) & HERE (UK)

Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes

Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes HERE (+ more colours!)

Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes on Amazon

Black T-Strap Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes HERE

T-Strap Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes

Pink T-Strap Valentino Flat Sandals Dupes HERE

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Amazon never ceases to amaze me with its absolutely incredible designer dupes! Not only did I manage to find many amazing Valentino flat sandals dupes but they are affordable as well.

At the moment, you can get a pair of studded flats for just under $50! It took me a while to realise that there are two different styles available. In my defence, my contact lenses are a bit blurry!

Anyway, the first style is an alternative to the Valentino caged flats. You can get a pair in black, pink, red and even gold colours. Personally, I would always choose the black ones as they will match any outfit. In this case, however, I find the black ones a bit harsh-looking. Thus, I would go for any of the other lighter and more colourful alternatives.

The second style of studded dupes have a t-strap instead of caged straps. I’ve always found this type of flats to be very uncomfortable. For some reason, they always dig between my toes, causing pain and blisters. Nevertheless, they are very cute and a great affordable designer alternative!

Steve Madden Kady Gladiator Sandal

Steve Madden Kady Gladiator Sandal Valentino Flat Alternatives

Steve Madden Kady Gladiator Sandal HERE

Steve Madden offers this incredible studded gladiator sandal for just $59.99! You can get a pair of these Valentino dupes in either black or white colour. This t-strap design is slightly different compared to the original designer version. As you can see, it has a wide leather strap going down along the ankle. Moreover, the studs are less defined and don’t have that sparkle you can see on the designer version.

Nevertheless, these are great alternatives to the Valentino caged flats. Also, the sole is slightly thicker. This might actually give you more comfort and support.

Ash Mumbaia Suede Studded Flat Sandals

Ash Mumbaia Suede Studded Flat Sandals Valentino Sandals Look-Alikes

Ash Mumbaia Suede Studded Flat Sandals HERE

Another great pair of Valentino flat sandals look-alikes can be found on Neiman Marcus. This designer alternative is slightly more expensive. It’s been reduced to just under $90 from $149!

It has a suede and leather lining, so you’ll be getting a quality item for your money. The gold-metal studs are slightly bigger compared to the original Valentino design. Still, this a very affordable option if you don’t want to spend $1,000 for a pair of flats!

Are you a fan of the Valentino Rockstud range?

Would you prefer to splurge or save by opting for one of the above Valentino flat sandals dupes?

Don’t forget to check out the main Valentino category for more designer dupes!



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  • Sophie
    August 19, 2019

    You always do such an incredible job at finding these. I prefer the heels too but I guess the flats might be nice for travel. I’d definitely opt for the caged style as well x


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