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If there’s one bag that is designed specifically to accompany you to work, that’s the Prada Saffiano tote! Its conservative and chic design makes the bag look tailored and professional.

Over the years, the Saffiano has enjoyed its fair share of attention with numerous celebrities being spotted carrying it. One such celebrity is Taylor Swift and I’m pretty sure sells were up afterwards!

Apart from the chic and professional design, this Prada tote will last forever. Its durable leather material and finish makes it a perfect investment. If you’re looking to get yourself one of these amazing Saffiano totes, you can do so by checking one of the links below!


Prada Saffiano Alternatives & Dupes

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Alternatively, if you don’t want to give over $1,000 for a bag and prefer to save, you can check out the designer alternatives I’ve managed to find. Some of the below totes are almost identical to the original, whereas the rest have taken inspiration from the Saffiano style!

The Best Prada Saffiano Alternatives


Black Prada Saffiano Look-Alikes

Black Prada Saffiano Look-Alikes HERE

Brown Prada Saffiano Look-Alikes

Brown Prada Saffiano Look-Alikes HERE

Purple Prada Saffiano Look-Alikes

Purple Prada Saffiano Look-Alikes HERE

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I found these incredible Prada Saffiano tote look-alikes on the UK Amazon. I tried to find the same or similar design on the US Amazon, unfortunately I couldn’t. If you’re not in the UK but want to buy one, maybe you can reach out to a friend and ask them nicely to ship one your way!

These Saffiano dupes are made from vegan leather and come in three colours – black, brown and purple. The only major difference that you can clearly see is the upper zip closure. Although I find it a bit odd, this is still a great alternative to the designer tote. At the moment you can also get this bag for around $50!


Black Prada Saffiano Look-Alike

Black Prada Saffiano Look-Alike HERE

Gray Prada Saffiano Look-Alike

Gray Prada Saffiano Look-Alike HERE

Brown Prada Saffiano Tote Alternative

Brown Prada Saffiano Alternative HERE

Blue Prada Saffiano Tote Alternative

Blue Prada Saffiano Alternative HERE

Pink Prada Saffiano Alternatives

Pink Prada Saffiano Alternative HERE

I find these totes to be more of a version inspired by Prada Saffiano. For starters, the shape is visibly different. The design also features adjustable straps. Moreover, these totes are designed as leather briefcases. Not only can you fit all of your daily essentials but also a laptop!

On the other hand, these bags do have the metal triangle at the front. I strongly believe the Saffiano is the inspiration behind this design detail. At the moment, you can get one of these bags for just under $70. You are paying for high-quality leather, thus the slightly more expensive price tag. You can also choose from 5 colours – black, grey, brown, baby blue and pink. The black and grey would be great for your office attire!

Prada Saffiano: History & Specifications

You might not know this but the name behind the Saffiano comes from the kind of leather used to make it. Interestingly, it was Mario Prada who invented the sturdy material. After obtaining a patent for the Saffiano finish, the Italian started producing their leather totes all the way back in 1913!

The Saffiano leather texture is made by machinery, making it extremely resistant to scratches. The leather is made from calf skin with wax on top, forming a diagonal print. The wax is pressed by a machine to create the cross-hatched texture.

This texture makes the leather very durable. Thus, the Saffiano tote will always hold its shape, remaining virtually scratch- and crack free. This makes the bag the perfect investment!

The Prada Saffiano has a classical and conservative design with leather top handles. The original size of the bag is H 24cm, W 32cm, D 13.5cm, perfect to carry a small laptop or tablet.

Although you might want to get your hands on one of these beauties, you need to keep in mind the price. At the moment, you’ll have to pay way above $1,000! I know that this price might be too steep for some of you, so I’ve tried to find some Prada alternatives that will be more within your budget.

Once again, I hope you’ve found something that you’ll like and buy!

If you’re looking for more designer dupes, then check out the main category or visit my Amazon page!



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