These Are The Best Prada Cahier Bag Dupes You Can Get

In today’s splurge vs. save post, we’ll be looking at the Prada Cahier bag, and the best dupes you can get! Since its debut in 2016, the Cahier bag has reached an ‘IT’ status. As trivial as this might sound, receiving such high acclaim in the fashion industry is nearly comparable to getting an Oscar!

Well, OK, let’s not exaggerate but you know where I’m heading with this. With its timeless design and shape, the Prada Cahier bag has been adorned by many celebrities since its inception. Emily Ratajkowski, Lucy Hale and Chrissy Teigen are just a few of the famous faces spotted with the ‘IT bag’.

Unfortunately, the Prada Cahier bag is not the most affordable accessory one could get!  With a price tag of $2,000 for the classic designs, this bag doesn’t really scream budget-friendly. Thus, as usual, I went on a wild goose chase in order to find the best Prada Cahier bag dupes you could get!

Ahead, the best Prada Cahier bag dupes and lookalikes you can get right now!

Prada Cahier Bag Dupes


Black Prada Cahier and Prada Cahier Bag Dupes

Black Prada Cahier Bag ($1,990) | Prada Cahier Bag Dupes, HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

Red Prada Cahier and Prada Cahier Bag Dupes

Red Prada Cahier Bag ($3,026) | Prada Cahier Bag Dupes, HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

White Prada Cahier and Prada Cahier Bag Dupes

White Prada Cahier Bag ($3,026) | Prada Cahier Bag Dupes, HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

Prada Cahier Bag Dupes

Other Prada Cahier Bag Dupes

Although the Prada Cahier bag comes in a multitude of different styles and fabrics, the classic box-shaped designs in calf leather seem to be the preferred choice of buyers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find leather dupes of the ‘IT bag’ in the most in-demand shade – black! However, I did find some Prada Cahier bag dupes in the red, white and blue designs. All of the dupes feature leather details with a leather strap closure on the front. One of the downsides is that the only metal hardware is on the front, unlike the original, where there are metal features alongside the angles.

On the bright side, I found the best Prada Cahier bag dupes of the velvet designs! The ones I stumbled upon are in a plush black and burgundy-hued velvet fabric. These dupes come in the same design inspired by antique books. With metal hardware and a thick shoulder strap, you can get one of these Prada Cahier replicas at a fraction of the price of the original one!

FYI, I prefer the burgundy-hued design as it gives a further vintage look to this timeless piece.

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Prada Cahier Bag Look-Alikes


Denim Prada Cahier and Prada Cahier Bag Lookalike

Denim Prada Cahier Bag ($1,985) | Prada Cahier Bag Look-Alike

Black Prada Cahier Bag Lookalike

Another Prada Cahier Bag Look-Alike, HERE

Prada Cahier Bag Lookalikes

Prada Inspired Cahier Bag + more colours, HERE

Prada Inspired Cahier Bag

Another Prada Inspired Cahier Bag

As you can see, the above bags are not quite dupes of the Prada Cahier bag. They are similar to the real one, but not quite to the extent of earning the ‘dupe’ title. However, their designs have clearly been inspired by the original Cahier bag. For instance, you can easily see the inspiration behind the denim Prada look-alike.

With its obvious denim design, leather strap closure and metal hardware, it could be mistaken for the real thing at first glance. At second glance, however, you can clearly see a number of differences. The most obvious ones, (apart from the missing logo for legal reasons!) include: the ‘boxed’ shape is elongated, the strap closure is much thinner and the metal hardware does not go all the way across the bottom. Nevertheless, it is a very cute Prada Cahier look-alike!

The other Prada Cahier bag look-alikes feature a number of details drawing inspiration from the real version. One of the lookalikes has a clear box shape, whilst another showcases gold metal hardware. Of course, there is also the leather strap closure on the front!

The Prada Cahier Bag History & Specifications

As with all of my designer dupe posts, I like to give a brief history of the item in question and its specifications. By doing that, I not only want to give extra credit to the designer for their creative thinking but also ease your decision of whether or not you should buy the product!

The Prada Cahier bag is, of course, designed by the Italian luxury fashion house Prada! The ‘It bag’ made its debut on the runway of the designer’s Fall 2016 collection. Obviously, it has been a huge hit ever since!

The design of the Cahier bag has been inspired by the binding of antique books, hence the name. In French, the word ‘cahier’ literally means ‘notebook’.  With its unusual boxy shape and gold metal hardware, this Prada bag is a timeless piece! The dimensions of the bag are 8” x 5.5” x 3.5”, making it a rather small bag. However, it can still fit all of your daily essentials – lipstick, mirror, credit cards and phone!

As mentioned earlier, the Prada Cahier bag comes in multiple colours and fabrics. In this blog post, I’ve only featured the ones of which I was able to find dupes or look-alikes. Moreover, all of the handbags feature an adjustable strap, making it a perfect cross-body bag as well!

One downside of the Cahier is its weight, owed to the metal elements. The other, (more crucial one!), is the price – $2,000 per piece. The decision of whether you should splurge or save on this beauty is completely yours! If you decide to go down the second route, I hope there is a bag you fancy from the various Prada Cahier dupes and look-alikes above!

Do you like these Prada Cahier bag dupes?

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These Are The Best Prada Cahier Bag Dupes

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