Paris Fashion Week SS’18 in a Nutshell

Paris, mon amour!

France’s capital and global centre for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture is one of my favourite places to visit! You haven’t lived until you’ve paid Paris a visited. Gladly, I’ve toured the City of Light with my other half in May 2015. On the not so bright side, it was only for two (and a half) days! ‘Barely any time to see anything’, one might say… Well, you see, I’m like a horse – I can stroll all day long! Just give me a fresh just-out-of-the-oven croissant and my legs can do wonders! Not in that way, you dirty freaks… I mean I can probably climb Everest or the Eiffel Tower (yeah, the latter is more likely to happen). I still haven’t done a blog post about my Paris adventures, I should make a mental note to do that soon!

Paris Fashion Week

Anyhow, enough with my random trips down memory lane, moving onto something much more special and worth talking about (for now!) – Paris Fashion Week! While I expected the last week of fashion month to deliver the crème de la crème, but nothing prepared me for the upcoming luxurious eye-popping mix of French classics and futuristic tendencies. The latter was delivered by Pierpaolo Piccioli and his ‘The Frenzy of Orlando’-inspired Valentino collection. Piccioli’s futuristic showstopper was a breath of fresh air in this season’s fashion. In a preview on Place Vendôme, the designer said: “I was very impressed by the part when Orlando loses his mind for love, and his best friend has to go to the moon to recover his sanity. It’s important because the moon is the place where you can find what is lost in the heart. I like this idea of the moon as a second opportunity.” Piccioli’s historical and literary references touched me. Yet, I can’t help feeling like I’m part of his moonish and magical collection. You can view the full collection from Paris Fashion Week here.

Talking about magical moments, Saint Laurent’s jaw-dropping show was mesmerising! Who would have thought of the genius idea to have the actual Eiffel Tower as a background of a fashion show?! I’ll tell you who – Anthony Vaccarello – that’s who! I don’t want to know how much it cost to get the historical monument as the show’s backdrop… or maybe I do?! No, let’s leave it at that, I won’t bear the thought of how many macaroons I could have stuffed in my mouth with the money…

Paris Fashion Week: Other Highlights

Despite the magnificent controversial Eiffel Tower, it is Vaccarello’s opposing-feminism garments that stole the show! Provocation is a cemented trademark of Saint Laurent and the designer didn’t fall behind this legacy. Moreover, leggy models strutted in barely-there miniskirts with a dangerously close encounter of exposing their derrieres. To offer critics some sort of relief, Vaccarello presented other attractive options for those who don’t feel like displaying their lady parts. Aside from the provocative dresses, there were also some signature boots and shoes at Paris Fashion Week that will probably hit the must-have list for every fashionista! If only I could flaunt those fluffy boots like those models… Truthfully, I had a similar pair of white yeti boots once (like a century ago!), but they were far below the £1,000 benchmark. With utter misery, I must face the reality that I’m yet to find some couple of thousands just casually sitting in my bank account. Consequently, I’ll just have to wait and ease my fashion dilemmas with more affordable options as soon as they hit the shelves! For those who missed the spectacle, click here.

Speaking of breath-taking spectacles, I seriously thought Chanel couldn’t top-up their mock rocket launch in the Grand Palais! It’s like Karl Lagerfeld read my mind and made me eat my words. Apparently, the rocket wasn’t enough, hence he decided to put a big waterfall this time. I wonder what was going through his mind… If Mr Lagerfeld ever offers VR experience of his mindset, I call dibs! It was like the giant waterfall wasn’t enough of a mesmerising scene, then Kaia Gerber appeared out of nowhere to open the show in over-the-knee plastic boots and a matching hat.

There was plastic galore with every look including gloves, raincoats and tie-on bonnets. Divided into three distinct sections, the Chanel SS18 show featured navy, all-white and the signature black and white assortments. With more than 80 looks displayed, Karl Lagerfeld showed the world once again what he’s made of – extraordinary ingenuity! As for Louis Vuitton – well, Nicolas Ghesquière closed fashion month with a bang! He presented his LV collection in the Louvre’s barely-opened Pavillon de l’Horloge and gave us all a history lesson to remember. Consequently, inspired by the scenery, Ghesquière showcased tie-neck silk blouses, ruffled sleeves paired with sporty, striped separates. The revealing athletic shorts and metallic pants were also must-haves. Must buy a pair for my next glamorous jog including those LV turbo trainers! Most of all, Ghesquière showed not only glittery party dresses but also a sufficient range of flowy and feminine dresses. And if nothing floated your boat, there was a Stranger Things T-shirt for box set lovers like myself!

With Parish Fashion Week and fashion month now officially over, I can finally take my life back! Sadly, I can’t give a detailed review of every single designer I liked and there were many many more! Balenciaga, Dior, Elie Saab, Altuzarra and Longchamp to name a few! And since a picture is worth 1000 words, I’ve combined my favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week in the gallery below! Also check out NYFW, LFW and MFW!

Until next time! And remember, we’ll always have Paris!

Thoughts and comments are welcome in the section below!

x Mariya

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