New York Fashion Week SS’18 In A Nutshell

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 200 and something years, it’s FASHION MONTH, woo-hoo!

New York Fashion Week

The first fashion week kicked off in New York and made my ‘can’t-believe-summer-is-over’ blues just a tiny bit better. From 7th September to 13th September we saw it all! I was and still am equally excited and overwhelmed if you know what I mean. I guess only a true fashionista would understand what is it like to feel two completely opposite emotions at the same time. It’s one thing to appreciate fashion and another to live it! For me, fashion is more than Wikipedia’s ‘popular style or practice’ definition, it’s a way of living. Personally, I think if you dress well you feel good, and I’ve always tried to live by this statement. My mom (thank you, wherever you are now!) made clear to me the importance of dressing well from a very young age. By dressing well, I don’t just mean splurging on super expensive brands such as Chanel or Balenciaga, but having the right sense of style – what goes with what, pairing accessories, appreciating the garments’ look and feel. Having said that, I now remember the numerous times I was bullied and made fun of by my classmates for wearing something unusual compared to their basic jeans and shirt combo. Ah, c’est la vie… fashion is not for everyone!

New York Fashion Week: Highlights

So, yeah, back to my original point – fashion month and New York fashion week in particular! Since I’m not famous  nor have the time or money (yet!) to attend one of these spectacular shows, I was stuck behind my various digital displays in the hope to get a glimpse of the runways. And, oh, I did indeed! It always strikes me how convenient sometimes technology can be – most digital magazines were offering livestreams and where not possible or available, they were uploading the pictures almost immediately after the models have finished with their catwalks! Consequently, I’ve spent the whole day (and night, time difference!) just staring and switching between screens, trying to see-it-all! As a result, I thought I should just leave everything until next day and catch-up with the runways. That’s where the overwhelming part started – I had so much to catch-up on! The Cut was my primary source in terms of an overall runway display. Then again, I wanted to get a good look at the garments along with all of the accessories. Also, the hair and makeup looks on the models. Therefore, I head over to Elle, Bazaar and Vogue to get the latest news; hence it just got a bit too much as I’ve had other things to do. I tell you, juggling between fashion and life was not easy, but I’ve managed (somehow!).

From Kaia Gerber’s catwalk debut to Rihanna arriving on a dirt racing bike for her Fenty x Puma show, there were some amazing (and not so amazing!) runways. Nevertheless, I’ve put a slideshow with my fav designers for you to gaze at!

What are your thoughts on New York Fashion Week? Any favourite designers? Also, have you checked my LFW post?!

x Mariya



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