Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights

Florals, leather, polka dots and stripes. There was something for everyone. Even if you’re not into fashion week, or fashion at all, once you see some the collections at Milan Fashion Week SS19 you won’t be able to deny the pure art that’s involved into creating such beautiful garments. Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Versace and all of the usual suspects nailed it. There was also a very emotional closing at the Moschino show when Gigi Hadid closed the spectacle by wearing a wedding dress. Once upon a time, every fashion show was closed by a wedding dress and Jeremy Scott couldn’t have done it better.

Without further ado, here are Milan Fashion Week SS19 highlights:

  • Blumarine came up with a flowy light yellow dress that for some reason jogged my memory and I thought of Jennifer Lopez’s outrageous greed dress circa 2002. Unlike Jennifer though, the model is wearing a floral multi-coloured cycle suit.
  • Looks like polka dots are still going to be major next year. That’s what Cividini showed during Milan Fashion Week SS19. One model was head to toe in polka dots – a long side-split skirt with black and white polka dots, a shirt with smaller polka dots, and even the belt had some pierced holes to cement the look.
  • No one can incorporate flowers as Dolce & Gabbana do it. It’s their signature element that makes the designers stand out. One model was wearing a gorgeous white dress with floral elements that reminded me of baroque-style tapestry. Moreover, the gold elements on the dress and the model complement the whole outfit. If you’re eagle-eyed, you also notice the sayings ‘Just Be Queen’ and ‘Passion For Fashion’ written on the dress.
  • At Milan Fashion Week SS19 Emilio Pucci made the sailor uniform look cool with his one-shoulder black top, wide white trousers and sailor cap. To make the outfit pop, there were colourful pieces such as a scarf that was doing the job of a belt, a clutch and a pair of high heels.
  • Erika Cavallini presented a very slouchy city slash chic cream set of trousers, tank top and trench coat. She also threw into the mix a layered brown leather belt.
  • Speaking of leather, what do you think of Ermanno Scervino’s leather masterpiece? I could definitely see the whole Kardashian clan rocking the bodycon dark brown leather dress. On close-up, you can also see that the see-through white gloves have ‘Ermano Scervino’ written all over them.
  • It seems like a lot of designers have taken inspiration from during the fashion month and Etro is no different. One model was wearing a very geisha-like monochrome dress with flowers printed throughout the whole garment. The sleeves resembled a zebra print, while the waist was covered in two belts – one wide in black and white, and on top a thinner one in black and brown.
  • During Milan Fashion Week SS19, Fausto Puglisi reminded me of a young Gianni Versace with a bright yellow bodycon piece. The dress is paired with a sparkly pair of heels, matching earrings and a wide black and gold belt.
  • Fendi surprised me once again with a PVC trenched coat with some leather sewing on the edges. Underneath the coat, the model was wearing a matching brown high-waist skirt and a white polo top.
  • Just when you think pyjama suits will be left and forgotten in 2018, For Restless Sleepers makes you think twice. The whole collection revolved around satin pyjama-like suits and matching jump and playsuits. Personal favourites are a bright baby blush pink suit with flowers, green leaves and bright red edges, and a matching playsuit.
  • Talking about suits during Milan Fashion Week SS19, what’s your opinion on Genny’s amaranth long-sleeved blazer with the wide bow belt and matching shorts? The contrasting white sewing and ruby shoes were definitely catching the eye in a pleasing manner as well.
  • Remember those stripes I mentioned at the beginning of the post?! Well, here there are, presented on another suit-like combination by Maryling. White high-waisted trousers with thin vertical stripes and a matching mid-sleeved shirt that resembled more of a barely-there blazer than your average shirt.
  • Max Mara showcased a whole set of wrinkled matching skirt, top and trench coat in a light coffee colour. Even the heels were in a matching colour tone and made the whole look more than ‘put together’.
  • Some might say Jeremy Scott is a bit too extra as a fashion designer, but his crazy creativeness is a much-needed breath of fresh air, especially during Milan Fashion Week SS19. Moschino’s entire collection was a ‘mix and match’ of different kind of scribbles printed on dresses, trousers, jumpsuits, etc.
  • Did Nabil Nayal think of Leonardo da Vinci and his graphics when designing his collection? I have no idea, but the model wearing a soft cream dress with lines and Latin patterns all-over blew me away.
  • I’ve always been impressed with No. 21 during fashion weeks and it never ceases to amaze me how the combine different colours. This time I was impressed by a baby blush pink and salmon combo. The model was wearing a knee-length skirt with side splits and a revealing barely-there satin bandeau top. What stood out was the glossed-pu raincoat in cantaloupe colour.
  • It seems like Philipp Plein can’t escape from his sexed-up rock’n’roll image or maybe he doesn’t want to? I think it was during the last season of ANTM when he said that ‘sex sells’ and it definitely showed during Milan Fashion Week SS19. The entire collection was carrying huge doses of sex appeal with its combination of leather and bling.
  • On the contrary, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini showcased a more feminine collection with an oatmeal embroidered lace jumpsuit and matching leather boots.
  • Prada came up with another version of a modern school uniform. Huge cream jumper underneath a slouchy leather dress. Knee-high socks and black strappy heels were finishing the whole look.
  • Roberto Cavalli presented a gorgeous long sequined black dress with a deep see-through V-neckline and long sleeves. The dress was paired with black open-toed wrinkled suede boots.
  • Another leather masterpiece, this time by Tod’s. One model was wearing a terracotta leather dress with horizontal and vertical zippers with a dark brown ‘T’ belt. Complementing the look was a brown mixed-coloured tote purse.
  • Final favourite look from Milan Fashion Week SS19 comes from Versace, and yes, it is another full leather look. Gigi Hadid thigh-split red and blue snakeskin skirt with a black ‘Versace-written’ leather T-shirt and terracotta cropped leather jacket.
Blumarine Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Cividini Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Dolce & Gabbana Scervino Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Dolce & Gabbana
Emilio Pucci Scervino Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Emilio Pucci
Erika Cavallini Scervino Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Erika Cavallini
Ermanno Scervino Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Ermanno Scervino
Etro Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Fausto Puglisi Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Fausto Puglisi
Fendi Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
For Restless Sleepers Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
For Restless Sleepers
Genny Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Maryling Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Max Mara Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Max Mara
Moschino Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Nabil Nayal Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Nabil Nayal
No. 21 Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
No. 21
Philipp Plein Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Philipp Plein
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini
Prada Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Roberto Cavalli Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Roberto Cavalli
Tod's Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights
Versace Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights

Images/Credit: Vogue

Did you watch Milan Fashion Week SS19?

Any favourite looks?

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Milan Fashion Week SS19 Highlights