Amazing Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes From $10!

Is there a more iconic logo than the Louis Vuitton one?! Coming with a rich history, LV produces everything from ready-to-wear items to small leather goods. Although the clothes offerings are absolutely to die for, the brand is perhaps most notably known for its iconic handbags!

However, today we’re not going to talk about LV handbags. Today, I’m going to show you the best alternatives to the Louis Vuitton belts!

Belts have always been popular and even must-have item, especially for men! However, a fairly new trend has been on the rise. The leather accessory has become a true fashion statement piece of its own.

Nowadays, belts don’t just have buckles – they have branded, logo buckles! This, in turn, has let brands such as Gucci, Hermes and Louis Vuitton have their own takes on creating a signature buckle belt.

Thus, Louis Vuitton belts have become increasingly popular among both men and women. However, owning this designer leather piece comes at a price. A very high one actually! The simplest LV belts can cost you around $300, whereas the most expensive vintage ones can reach a couple of thousands!

Gladly, there are always cheaper designer alternatives. Ahead, I’ve found the best Louis Vuitton belt dupes you can get from just $10!

Louis Vuitton Belt Alternatives


Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes on Amazon

Light Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

Brown Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes on Amazon

Brown Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes HERE

Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes

Dark Brown Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

Louis Vuitton Belt Alternatives

Grey Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes HERE

Louis Vuitton Belt Alternatives on Amazon

Louis Vuitton Belt Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

LV Designer Belt Dupes

LV Belt Dupes HERE

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Now, you might think that nothing can replace a classic leather Louis Vuitton belt. You might be right, but owning an LV belt is not actually that easy!

Yes, at this stage you can only buy the designer belts from their own website or vintage website. FYI, I’ve managed to find one particular vintage LV belt, being sold on FarFetch for $1,500!

So, you’ll need to do a lot of research prior to buying any specific Louis Vuitton belt. Also, if this is your first designer belt, you might want to make sure that it will suit your style. So, opting for a designer dupe might be a great option before buying the real thing.

The Louis Vuitton belt dupes I found can be bought from Amazon from just $10! You won’t be getting a real leather product, but the design of the belts can undoubtedly rival the original!

You can choose from the classic LV Damier Ebene and Damier Azur designs. They will be a great addition to your favourite pair of jeans. I have also found an incredible LV dupe of the monogram belt design! The belts come in either gold or silver ‘LV’ metal hardware.

In terms of sizes, the belt dupes offer waist sizes from 27” to 43”. Just make sure you order the right size. Also, always check customers’ reviews for any tips and comments about the product.

So, would you splurge or opt for a Louis Vuitton belt dupe?

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  • Ivana Split
    July 3, 2019

    These dupes look lovely, but somehow I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a classical dupe, I would rather go for something inspired by than a belt that’s an obvious copy. Still, this can be a great option for many! It can make someone see whether the real thing is worth saving for.

    • Mariya Zafirova
      July 4, 2019

      Absolutely, Ivana! I can’t say I see myself wearing or buying a dupe but there are a lot of people looking to get a dupe of their favourite designer. The demand is quite high and I’ve seen how helpful these posts can be, thus I make sure to provide them with plenty of options.

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