Incredible Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes For Less!

Today’s designer dupes post is all about the famous Jimmy Choo sandals! The luxury brand has gained a mass following ever since its founding in 1996. Considering that that’s just over 23 years ago, the popularity that Jimmy Choo has received is absolutely astonishing!

In fact, Jimmy Choo was Princess Diana’s favourite shoe brand. The designer shoes were also a regular feature in a ‘little’ show that you might have heard of – Sex and the City! Yes, Carrie Bradshaw may have been a shoe-aholic, but she definitely knew which shoe brands were worth it.

Actually, there is even a shoe that shares the iconic actress’s name – the Carrie sandal! However, today I’m going to focus on some of Jimmy Choo’s other famous sandal styles.

This post will be primarily about the Jimmy Choo Land sandals dupes. With a stiletto heel, open toe and beautiful ankle straps, these sandals can set you back $800. Although there will be people out there who will be more than happy to give that much money, I know most of you would probably prefer to splurge that kind of money on something else!

I’ve managed to find some incredible Jimmy Choo sandals dupes that won’t cost you a pretty penny. You might even get yourself two pairs!

The Best Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes


Black Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes

Black Jimmy Choo Lang 100 Sandals HERE ($795) | Black Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

Silver Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes

Silver Jimmy Choo Lance 115 Sandals HERE ($895) | Silver Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

Gold Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes on Amazon

Gold Jimmy Choo Lang 100 Sandals HERE ($895) | Gold Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes HERE

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All of the above Jimmy Choo sandals dupes come from a brand called Pleaser. These sandals are available from Amazon and at the moment will cost you just under $60. I have found four colours – black, pink, silver and gold.

I haven’t included the pink Jimmy Choo alternative as quite frankly it looked pretty horrible and cheap. Obviously, for $60 per pair, you can’t expect too much in terms of quality. Nevertheless, the price tag is still way more affordable compared to the original Jimmy Choo sandals.

Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes on Nordstrom

Jimmy Choo Sandals Look-Alikes on Nordstrom HERE

Jimmy Choo Sandals Look-Alikes by Macys

Charles Jimmy Choo Sandals Look-Alikes on Macy’s HERE

Jessica Buurman Jimmy Choo Sandals Dupes

Jessica Buurman Jimmy Choo Alternatives HERE

Jimmy Choo Sandals Look-Alikes by Charles David

Jimmy Choo Dupes available from 6pm HERE

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Except for the Jessica Buurman Jimmy Choo alternatives, all other sandals come from the brand Charles David.

To be honest, I was expecting all Charles sandals to look the same. However, I think there is quite a noticeable difference when you look at them. For instance, the silver colour of the Jimmy Choo look-alikes from Nordstrom looks much lighter compared to the ones being sold on Macy’s.

Personally, I’d say Jessica Buurman’s alternatives of the Jimmy Choo sandals looks the best. The stiletto heel brings a much more elegant feel to the shoe compared to the other dupes. Additionally, the ankle straps are exactly the same thickness as the original Lance sandal.

Nevertheless, in the end, the decision which Jimmy Choo dupe you should go for is completely yours. If you don’t want to spend nearly $1,000 for the original, then these designer alternatives will do the job.

A Brief History Of Jimmy Choo

The British high fashion brand is of course named after its founder – Jimmy Choo. Mr Choo was born in a family of shoemakers in 1948 in Malaysia. I think it is fair to say the famous shoe designer had it in his blood!

An interesting fact is that Choo’s original surname is Chow, but it was misspelt on his birth certificate! If it wasn’t for this mistake, we would call the famous designer brand Jimmy Chow. Maybe this mistake also played some part in his success, what do you think?

Jimmy Choo was taught shoemaking by his father. Interestingly, it is often reported that he designed his first shoe at the age of just 11! The designer graduated from London College of Fashion in 1986 and opened a made-to-order shoe boutique in London.

His creativity and genius craftsmanship are quickly recognised. In 1988 he is featured in an eight-page issue in Vogue! However, it isn’t until 1990 when Princess Diana was spotted wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos!

Without a doubt, this opens a huge door for the Malaysian-born designer. Consequently, 1996 is the year in which Jimmy Choo Ltd is founded. Choo partnered with former British Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon to create the now famous luxury brand.

Jimmy Choo sold 50% of the company to Equinox Holdings in 2001. However, thanks to his passion, Choo was honoured with an ‘Order of British Empire’ in 2002. The order recognised his services to the fashion industry in the UK.

In July 2017, the fashion brand was acquired by Michael Kors for $1.2 billion. Jimmy Choo has now expanded operations to selling handbag lines, perfumes and eyewear. However, the brand will always be famous for its amazing shoes!

Are you a fan of Jimmy Choo?

What do you think about the Jimmy Choo sandals dupes?

Oh, and if you’re looking for more designer dupes, check out my Amazon store page or the main designer dupes category!



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Jimmy Choo Sandals Alternatives on Amazon


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