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Although Hermes began as a manufacturer of luxury goods for horses, it is well-known today for its famous it-bags and accessories. Pretty much everything that the French luxury house produces becomes an instant hit. Apart from the bags, Hermes is also well-known for designing accessories with their signature ‘H’ letter. One accessory that is instantly recognizable everywhere is the Hermes H buckle bracelet.

Funnily, fans dubbed the enamel bracelet the Clic Clac because of the sound the bracelet makes when it’s taken on or off. On a more serious note, the Hermes H bracelet prominently features the signature H as its clasp, flanked on either side by coloured enamel.

The Clic Clac bracelet is available in three sizes, in 100 enamel colours with three hardware options: silver, gold, and rose gold. However, being Hermes, you’ll have to be prepared to pay the price tag. If you’re lucky, you can buy one of these bracelets for under $500. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay nearly $700 if you opt to make a purchase from Hermes’ website.

Hermes H Buckle Bracelet Dupes, Alternatives and Look-Alikes

Hermès Clic H Bracelet HERE | $478

Luckily, there are many online retailers nowadays that have designed affordable alternatives to the luxurious bracelet. I managed to find black, white and pink styles of the H bracelet. Among the many Hermes bracelet dupes I’ve found, you can also choose gold, rose gold or silver hardware!

Ahead, the best Hermes H bracelet dupes on the market!

Hermes H Bracelet Buckle Dupes


Black Gold, Rose Gold and Silver Hermes H Bracelet Dupes

Black Hermes H Bracelet Dupes HERE

These black Hermes bracelet dupes have the signature ‘H’ buckle design in titanium stainless steel. The letter, of course, doesn’t stand for Hermes but for harmony and happiness. You can choose between gold, rose gold and silver designs, all for the same price! Black, of course, goes well with everything, thus you won’t need to think too much what to wear these bracelets with. Although something formal would be the most appropriate attire, going casual can also look good.

Pink Gold, Rose Gold and Silver Hermes H Bracelet Dupes

Pink Hermes H Bracelet Dupes HERE

There are also pink alternatives of the Hermes bracelet for just under $20! Again, you have the option to go for gold, rose gold or silver design. Personally, I would like to see these bracelets in person as the pink looks very bright. However, if you wear these pink ‘H’ buckles during the summer, they would be the perfect accessory to wear with a floral maxi dress! Also, these ‘H’ bracelets would make a rather great gift for someone’s birthday or special occasion.

White Gold and Silver Hermes H Bracelet Dupes

White Hermes H Bracelet Dupes HERE

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I must say these are my favourite Hermes bracelet look-alikes. There is something about white colour alongside gold and silver that make these bracelets look really luxurious. I would definitely wear these with a suit or a cocktail dress. On the other hand, I can also imagine they would look absolutely stunning if you wear them with a white shirt! Sadly, if you were looking to get a white and rose gold bracelet, then you might want to try your luck somewhere else as this style is not available!

What do you think about these Hermes H bracelet dupes?

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Hermes H Bracelet Dupes, Alternatives and Look-Alikes

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