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What better way to finish an ensemble than a good leather belt?! It’s the perfect statement to any outfit. Thus, today’s designer dupes post is all about alternatives to the amazing Hermes belts!

Hermes is certainly one of the few luxury fashion houses with a very long history behind its back. It all started in 1837 with Thierry Hermes, who created some of the finest wrought harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade.

Yet, it wasn’t until 1922 when Hermes, as we know it today, started producing its famous and very expensive handbags! And you all know which particular bag I’m talking about – the Birkin!

Today, however, I’m going to focus on another expensive accessory offered by the French luxury house – the Hermes belt. Yes, this minimalistic statement piece is sought-after both men and women!

What will jeans be without a good leather belt?!

Hermes, in particular, definitely has some great belts to offer. On the other hand, there are two big drawbacks if you’re looking to get one.

The first one – well, it’s actually quite hard to find Hermes belts on the market. You can’t just buy one online. You’ll actually have to get a previously-owned belt or order one from Hermes!

The second drawback is the hefty price! The designer leather belt with ’H’ buckle will cost you anything from $400.

Gladly, I’ve managed to find some amazing alternatives to the Hermes belt! Ahead, the best Hermes belt dupes you can get under $30 on Amazon!

The Best Hermes Belt Dupes


Gold & Silver Hermes Belt Dupes

Black Gold & Silver Hermes Belt Dupes HERE

Red Leather Gold & Silver Hermes Belt Dupes

Red Gold & Silver Hermes Belt Dupes HERE

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Orange Leather Gold & Silver Hermes Belt Dupes

Orange Gold & Silver Hermes Belt Dupes HERE

Leather Gold Hermes Belt Dupes on Amazon

White & Brown Gold Hermes Belt Dupes HERE

The above leather belts are your best alternatives to the Hermes belt!  These dupes are in fact made from genuine leather and cost just under $30! I can promise you that you won’t be able to find better quality dupes than the ones above.

These leather belts come in beautiful autumnal colours. You can get the simplistic black leather style to suit any outfit. Otherwise, you can opt for the gorgeous deep red colour or the bright orange-toned dupe!

As for the ‘H’ buckle design – you can choose from either silver or gold-plated versions. In terms of length, the belts are ranging from 105cm to 125cm. Make sure to double-check if you’re getting the right size!

You can get one of these beautiful Hermes belt dupes either for yourself or as a gift to a special someone. As long as they wouldn’t mind wearing an alternative to a designer accessory, then you’ll be getting them the perfect gift!

Leather Hermes Belt Alternatives on Amazon

Leather Gold Hermes Belt Alternatives HERE

Plaid Leather Hermes Belt Alternatives

Plaid Leather Hermes Belt Alternatives HERE

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Now, the second batch of Hermes belt dupes is quite different. I would say that the above belts are more of inspired versions than dupes.

The black and brown leather belts, for instances, are made from smooth cowhide leather without stitching. As far as I’m aware the original Hermes belts don’t come in smooth leather without stitching. Moreover, these dupes are also missing the contrasting stitching.

Another major difference is the ‘H’ buckle with a dragon element! This detail is not present in the original design. Apart from that, this is, in fact, a great alternative to the expensive designer version!

I’ve also found some plaid leather Hermes belt alternatives. This would be the perfect option for all those of you who are not fans of leather belts!

Hermes Belt: Specifications

Although I’ve presented you with some great alternatives to the Hermes belt, you still might be interested in buying the real one! Thus, let me explain a little bit more about the Hermes belt and its specifications.

Hermes uses the same leathers as the Birkin bag. You can find Hermes belts in Clemence, Box, Epsom and Swift leather kinds. Moreover, all of these leathers have different textures.

The Hermes belt consists of two pieces of leather, perfectly stitched down by a machine. Yet, the stitching itself can be either tonal or contrasting.

On the other hand, the H buckles come in a variety of metals. They are most commonly palladium and permabrass but also occasionally brushed palladium, sterling silver and ruthenium. The buckles also come in different sizes – 13mm to 42mm.

Another interesting specification is that the Hermes belt always comes with 3 holes! The belts will also have a number of brand stamps like the logo and ‘Made in France’. There also will be the year in which the belt was made.

So, would you get the original Hermes belt or buy one of the incredible Hermes belt dupes?

If you’re looking for more designer dupes, head over to my Amazon store page or the designer dupes category!



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Amazing Alternatives To The Hermes Belt from Amazon!

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