Affordable Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes You Can Get RN!

Today’s post is about Gucci Marmont bag dupes! The Italian luxury brand Gucci is famous for many things. From its high-end ready-to-wear collection to luxury leather goods, the brand remains a favourite among many. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the Italian fashion house is perhaps the most popular brand in the world!

Although Gucci produces amazing clothes, its leather goods and accessories still remain the most sough-after items. In fact, in its the beginning the brand was primarily producing handbags, belts, shoes and other leather goods!

Year after year, Gucci has been creating must-have handbags. From the exotic Bamboo bag to the classic Jackie, Gucci’s handbags are worth investing in. Today, we’re going to take a look at one such worthy item – the Gucci Marmont bag!

The famous GG design buckle makes the Marmont a classic but bold bag. Coming in a variety of colours, the Gucci Marmont has been seen on the shoulders of many celebrities. Sadly, if you want to invest in this ‘it’ bag, you’ll have to set aside around $2,000!

Although many lucky folks can afford it, most of us won’t be able to. Thus, today’s save vs splurge post will be all about Gucci Marmont bag dupes and look-alikes! Read ahead to find some of the best Gucci knock-offs that you can get for under $50!

Gucci GG Marmont Bag Dupes


Black Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes

Black Gucci Marmont Bag HERE ($1,785) | Black Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

Red Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes

Red Gucci Marmont Bag HERE ($1,980) | Red Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

Beige Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes

Beige Gucci Marmont Bag HERE ($1,980) | Beige Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes HERE

Green Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes

Green Gucci Marmont Bag HERE ($1,831) | Dark Green Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes HERE

Pink Gucci Marmont Bag Dupe

Pink Gucci Marmont Bag HERE ($1,973) | Pink Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes HERE

White Gucci Marmont Bag Dupe

White Mini Gucci Marmont Bag HERE ($890) | White Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes HERE

Velvet Gucci Marmont Bag Dupes on Amazon

Velvet Gucci Marmont Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US)

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For all of you looking for either a leather or velvet version of the Gucci Marmont, worry not! I have managed to find both versions of the iconic ‘It’ bag. Although limited options-wise, the velvet Gucci dupes come in the most sought-after colours – black, red and blue! You can wear them all year round, although I personally prefer wearing velvet in the winter.

Featuring a vintage quilted style, all of the dupes have a top handle with a comfortable chain strap. Moreover, all Gucci Marmont dupes feature a buckle design similar to the original. Well, it’s not the famous ‘GG’ design as that would be illegal, but they do have a similar ‘CG’ buckle. With measurements of L 7.9” x W 3.55” x H 5.5”, the bags have a roomy interior with two slip zip pockets for all of your daily essentials!

As for the leather versions of the Marmont, I’ve managed to find both PU and genuine leather dupes. The quilted cross-body handbags come in a variety of colours. You can opt for the black, dark green and red dupes for your fall outfits. On the other hand, the pink, beige and white versions will be perfect for the warmer seasons! The white Marmont dupe, for instance, would be the perfect choice to style your summer maxi dress!

Gucci Marmont Look-Alikes


Gucci Marmont Look-Alikes on Amazon

Leather Gucci Marmont Look-Alikes HERE

Embroidered Gucci Marmont Look-Alikes on Amazon

Embroidered Gucci Marmont Look-Alikes HERE

Velvet Gucci Marmont Look-Alikes on Amazon

Velvet Gucci Marmont Look-Alikes HERE

As with all of my designer dupes’ posts, I always attempt find some similar versions to the original designer items. They are not complete dupes but do offer a look-alike design to the designer versions. You can opt for a designer look-alike if you either don’t like the original or you’d prefer not to be seen with an obvious knock-off. The choice is yours!

I have managed to find two completely different look-alike versions of the Gucci Marmont. The first one comes in a leather material with two interlocking circles. You can get these quilted look-alikes in either black or red.

On the other hand, the second version comes in a velvet finish. Instead of the ‘GG’ buckle, you get a cute double swallow buckle! You can also opt for either an embroidered Marmont look-alike or a ‘clean’ coloured style.

Furthermore, for a limited time only, you can get these handbags for under $50 instead of $108! What a bargain, right?! You can get one for yourself and one for your mom or friend as a birthday present!

The History Behind The Marmont

Introduced in 2016, the Gucci Marmont has rapidly earned a massive following among celebrities and fashionistas. Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, Gucci blossomed into an entirely new brand. A brand that appeals to younger generations as well, making Gucci once again one of the most famous luxury fashion houses!

The Marmont bag collection, in particular, took the fashion world by storm! Offered mostly in smooth, matelassé leather, the Gucci Marmont remains an ‘It-bag’ today. The design was inspired by the iconic ‘GG’ buckle that Gucci used on belts in the 1970s.

Moreover, the ‘GG’ ornament embodies a perfect transition from old to new. Thus, the Gucci Marmont offers a classic but modern design. Since its introduction, there have been countless versions of the Gucci Marmont. Some designs offer embellishments, slogans or embroidery. Also, let’s not forget the various creative collaborations such as the Gucci Ghost’s street art designs!

With its masculine yet feminine design, the Gucci Marmont has undoubtedly earned its ‘investment-worthy’ title. You can opt for a 70s glamour with the velvet styles or street style chicness with the leather versions! Whether you want to wear an elegant dress or mom jeans, the Gucci Marmont bag is the perfect finish to your outfit.

So, are you going to invest in the original or opt for one of the fabulous Gucci Marmont bag dupes above?

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Gucci Marmont Bag Alternatives on Amazon

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