Your Guide To The Best Dior Diorama Bag Dupes

Founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, the French luxury goods company is one of the largest shareholders within LVMH. The brand produces everything from ready-to-wear pieces to small leather goods, fragrances, makeup and even haute-couture dresses.

Apart from being famous for its beautiful ready-to-wear clothes, Dior also creates incredible handbags. The Dior handbags have won the acclaimed ‘It’ status more than once or twice!

In today’s designer dupes post, we’re going to take a look at one of Dior’s most iconic handbag – the Diorama! This emblematic bag has been seen on the shoulders of numerous celebrities. Rihanna, for instance, is one of the celebrities that has shown her love for the Diorama many times throughout the years.

Alongside its high status in the fashion industry, the Dior Diorama also comes at a high price. Even the most standard versions of the Diorama will cost you around $3,600. Anyway, I presume you knew that already, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post!

Gladly, I can help you save a good chunk of this money (around $3,580 to be precise!) by showing you the best Dior Diorama bag dupes. Scroll down to find out what Diorama alternatives I managed to find and where to get them from!

Dior Diorama Bag Dupes

Black Dior Diorama Bag Dupes

Black Dior Diorama Bag Dupes HERE (Amazon)

Other retailers:


Ali Express here | here

Red Dior Diorama Bag Dupes

Red Dior Diorama Bag Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US) (Amazon)

Other retailers:


Ali Express here | here

White Dior Diorama Bag Dupes

White Dior Diorama Bag Dupes HERE (UK) & HERE (US) (Amazon)

Other retailers:


Ali Express here | here

Metallic Dior Diorama Bag Dupes

Metallic Dior Diorama Dupes HERE

Metallic Dior Diorama Dupes

More Metallic Dior Diorama Dupes HERE & HERE

Dior Diorama Look-Alike

Dior Diorama Look-Alike HERE

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As of yet, Amazon remains one of my top choices when it comes to designer dupes. Not only can you find the best look-alikes, but also check out the plentiful reviews prior to making a decision. The leather Dior Diorama bag dupes on Amazon come at just under $20. Sadly, you won’t be getting a genuine leather copy of the iconic bag. Still, the resemblance is undeniable! You have the ‘Cannage’ motif, the little eyelets and gold-metal chain details.

You can also get a good Diorama dupe from Ali Express. Although I couldn’t see any product reviews, the retailer seems to have a good overall rating and reputation. In fact, unlike Amazon, Ali Express offers a genuine leather alternative to Dior’s iconic bag! Granted, you’ll be paying slightly more – around $70 – but the quality will certainly also be better.

Speaking of quality, BagInc has the best Dior Diorama bag dupes I’ve seen! The bags are made of high-quality genuine leather. You can actually see how thick the material is compared to the other alternatives. The gold metal chains look more substantial and expensive. Keep in mind, I would personally be cautious with BagInc and investigate further if the company can be trusted fully prior to buying anything!

What’s The Story Behind Dior’s Diorama?

Dior’s Diorama is one of the latest additions to the brand’s incredible line up of women’s accessories. The now-iconic bag made its debut in Dior’s SS ’15 runway show. With a plethora of colours, materials and finishes, the Diorama became an instant hit!

Quickly catching the fashion world’s eye, the Diorama became one of the most emblematic handbags! In fact, the bag’s success is often compared to that of Lady Dior. However, the Diorama looks nothing like its traditional and ladylike predecessor.

With a youthful but sophisticated look, the bag has a classic flap with minimal branding. Moreover, it features a signature diamond clasp, chunky chain strap with leather details and recognisable stitching patterns. You can get the Diorama in various materials, colours and finishes. From matte black to metallic, the bag perfectly balances modern edge with traditional femininity.

The Diorama has rapidly become a timeless classic, worth investing in! However, if you’re not looking for that or not ready to make such a purchase, you can always opt for an alternative. Getting one of the above Dior Diorama bag dupes would be the perfect start to a future investment!

What do you think of this iconic Dior bag?

Would you save or splurge?

Don’t forget to also check out my other Dior dupes finds here!



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The Best Dior Diorama Bag Dupes on Amazon

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Your Guide To The Best Dior Diorama Bag Dupes