Incredible Chloe Tess Bag Dupes You Can Get Under $50!

Founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, Chloe is a French fashion house whose ready-to-wear items have been worn by many celebrities. Madonna, Emma Stone and Cameron Diaz, just to name a few!

Today, however, we’re going to take a look at the leather goods offerings by Chloe. Although the brand has been among the most praised luxury fashion houses, its accessory products are fairly new on the market. It wasn’t until the early 2000s when Chloe made its debut in producing leather goods.

It was Phoebe Philo, Stella McCartney’s assistant, who took over as a creative director and branched Chloe into the world of handbags and shoes. In 2005, the Chloe Paddington sold out even before hitting the boutique shelves! Since then, Chloe has produced many more ‘it’ bags – Faye, Nile, Pixie, etc.

Introduced in the Fall ‘18 collection, the Chloe Tess bag is also well on its way to earning the ‘it’ status! Sadly, its price tag of $1,850 per piece means that not many can get their hands on this beautiful leather bag.

Fortunately, I’ve managed to find some incredible Chloe Tess bag dupes that you can get for a fraction of that price!

The Best Chloe Tess Bag Dupes


Black Chloe Tess Bag Dupes

Black Chloe Tess Bag HERE ($1,850) | Black Chloe Tess Bag Dupes, here (UK) & here, here, here (US)

Brown Chloe Tess Bag Dupes

Brown Chloe Tess Bag HERE ($1,850) | Brown Chloe Tess Bag Dupes, here (UK) & here, here, here (US)

Grey Chloe Tess Bag Dupes on Amazon

Grey Chloe Tess Bag HERE ($1,850) | Grey Chloe Tess Bag Dupes, here (UK) & here, here (US)

Yellow Chloe Tess Bag Dupes on Amazon

Yellow Chloe Tess Bag HERE ($1,850) | Yellow Chloe Tess Bag Dupes HERE

Chloe Tess Bag Dupes on Amazon

More Chloe Tess Bag Dupes HERE

Chloe Tess Bag Dupes

Chloe Tess Bag Alternatives HERE

Chloe Tess Bag Dupe Horse Embroidery

Chloe Tess Bag Dupe + horse embroidery HERE

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Initially, I was shocked when I came across these amazing Chloe Tess bag dupes. They appear so similar to the original that unless you looked closely, you could easily mistake them for an original Chloe Tess! Apart from slight variations in the colours, these dupes practically offer the same design.

You get the mixture of leather and suede materials alongside an adjustable shoulder strap. Thus, you can transform this designer dupe from a shoulder to a cross-over bag in a matter of seconds! Moreover, some of these Tess dupes are made from high-quality genuine leather. Granted, you’ll be paying just under $100 compared to some even cheaper PU alternatives, but the quality will be worth it!

I managed to find both dark and bright handbag versions of the Chloe Tess, so you can complement any of your outfits. The darker dupes are perfect for fall and nights out. The lighter offerings, on the other hand, are better suited to spring and daily outerwear uses. Whether it’s casual or formal attire, this handbag can complement any outfit!

Alongside the most sought-after colours, I have also found a couple of two-toned Chloe alternatives and a Tess version featuring the horse embroidery details! The two-toned look-alikes incorporate a bit of the Gucci Dionysus style, perfect if you don’t a 1:1 Chloe Tess bag dupe!

The History Behind The Chloe Tess Handbag

Briefly mentioned at the beginning, the Chloe Tess was first introduced in the Fall/Winter 2018 runway show. The handbag is a mixture of the ever-popular Faye and Drew bags. The circular shape resembles the Drew bag, while the shiny gold ring details incorporate a bit of the Faye.

You could say that the Tess bag combines everything that is great about Chloe bags by bringing you an all-in-one classic clutch! Moreover, the bag is a combination of shiny calfskin and soft suede, making it a perfect addition to any outfit.

The Tess bag comes with a magnetic front flap with a shiny gold ring detail and two leather straps. The first strap is a short one intended for shoulder and hand carry. The second one is an adjustable strap for long shoulder and cross-over carry.

At the moment there are only two sizing options you can choose from – small and large. Overall dimensions of the small Tess Bag are 7”H x 8”W x 3”D, whilst the large measures 9”H x 10”W x 3”D. You can also choose from a plethora of colours including deep forest, burn brown and vinyl blues!

Chloe’s Tess bag is quickly becoming the next ‘it’ bag with its classic yet sophisticated design. However, it’s not going to cost you cheap. With a price tag of $1,850 and upwards, it doesn’t really scream approachable. Fortunately, you can always opt for one of the above Chloe Tess bag dupes instead!

What do you think – would you save or splurge?



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The Best Chloe Tess Bag Dupes Under $50

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Incredible Chloe Tess Bag Dupes You Can Get Under $50!