Hi, I’m Mariya. At the time of writing this babble, I’m a 26-year-old blogger from South East England. After many ups and downs, I’ve decided to join the blogging world as part of my ‘new’ page in life. I’m interested in fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. Boring, heh?! I’m also a gym junkie, although I can’t end my relationship with chocolate… and ice cream, biscuits, cakes, brownies! Therefore, you’ll find me hypocritically writing posts on how to get fit while you indulge yourself with a chocolate brownie… or two. If you’re not bored yet, please read my story below! Oh, I also love cats… and dogs, rabbits, chinchillas and fluffy chickens!

My Story

Originally from Bulgaria, I’ve moved to the United Kingdom seven years ago to obtain a Batchelor’s Degree in Business Management. I eventually pursued a career in the Business and Marketing Industry. When I graduated in 2013 from University of Surrey I was very pessimistic about the world and people as a whole. Consequently, I didn’t think I would find a proper job. Why you ask (or not)?? My first three years at the University and here in the UK were very difficult. Partly because the culture was very different and I wasn’t very good at making friends (I’m still not!), but also THE WEATHER. Trust me, I’m not being overly dramatic, it just makes a huge difference to somebody coming from a country with proper seasons (no offence! haha). As a student, I wasn’t prepared for the challenges ahead. Consequently, when life kicked in during my second year at Uni, I was not in a good place. My parents couldn’t support me anymore, I was sharing a house with some horrible know-it-all people, I was in a toxic relationship. On top of that, I was suffering from extreme anxiety and PTSD from my abusive childhood memories.

Anyway, I won’t bother you with that part of my life (for now!), I think you get the picture. Since I graduated I thought life would be better, but I was wrong… Sadly, my anxiety didn’t go away! Moreover, my health got worse because I wasn’t eating properly. Eventually, I was suffering from severe iron deficiency anaemia which brought other health issues along the way. To make matters worse, I lost the only other person in my life (apart from my other half) who cared about me – my mom. You might say – ‘Oh, this is life; give me a break; boo hoo, move on’ – but for me, it was just too much to handle. It was far too overwhelming and the past six years were very hard for me… So, in December 2016 I said enough, I said ‘f*ck you’ (just mentally, not literally!) to my sexist boss and people who made me feel down and unworthy. I decided to take a break from work, from social media and toxic relationships/friendships and focus on myself, my mental and physical well-being. Since then I’ve been doing so much better. I started to eat healthily and started going to the gym more often ( a bit of a freak now!). Nowadays, I think I’m finally ready to give life, people and social media another chance.

So, here we are! With the support of my better half, I’ve decided to ‘give birth’ to this website/blog and just express myself through my posts. Like every other girl and woman out there I’m interested in fashion, beauty, travel, healthy living and just life. I’m going to be one of those all-in-1 blogs and just cover every single topic I’m interested in. I really hope you (yes, you, dear reader) will find something useful, helpful, funny or interesting on my blog. I’m just going to ask you not to judge me, I’m not an expert in anything (maybe just marketing, I think I’m very good at it… I think…). I just want to help people, make them feel better, take them away from their everyday boring routine. Maybe even put a smile on their faces, because we all need that. As L’Oreal say WE’RE ALL WORTH IT!

One last thing before I let you explore my website (and hopefully find something you can relate to). Whatever this blog brings along I’ll always write from the heart and give you my honest opinions! The main priority of this blog is and will be to make myself happy. Then, help other people with their fashion, beauty and just everyday life struggles!

Ok, you’re free now, go and explore!


x Mariya

P.S: Remember, if you do not like what you see/read, just move one – you’re not a tree! 😉