Hi, I’m Mariya and I’m the founder of this cheeky-named blog. Brunette On Demand (or ‘BRONDEMA’ for shorter-ish) is dedicated to all those poor souls who have felt somehow ‘on demand’ during their life.

At least that is how I’ve felt until starting this blog!

After graduating from the University of Surrey with a Business degree, I decided to pursue a career in Marketing. Unfortunately, I’ve always felt unhappy with my job. In 2016, after my mom passed away suddenly, I decided to quit my job and take a good look at my life. Sadly, I decided not to pursue another career in Marketing as I was truly unhappy with a ‘9-to-5’ job. During this period, I was struggling with various health issues and I had no idea what to do. After many ups and downs, I’ve decided to join the blogging world as part of my ‘new’ page in life.

Thus, I came up with the cheeky name Brunette on Demand or Brondema. Here you’ll find everything from beauty and fashion tips all the way to healthy lifestyle mumbo-jumbos and opinionated posts on how I see the world.

For all hair, makeup and skincare products and tips, check out the ‘BEAUTY‘ category! If you want to see the latest runway shows or what I’m wearing, visit the ‘FASHION‘ category. For all designer handbag dupes and other fashion dupes, check out the ‘DESIGNER DUPES‘ category! If you’re looking for to improve your lifestyle or seeking travel inspiration, pay ‘LIFESTYLE‘ a visit! If you’re looking for one of my Instagram outfits, shop them here.

If you want to drop me a line, please use the contact form or alternatively (and more ‘modernly’) send me an Insta message. Now get lost in my blog and enjoy yourselves! 😉